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I'm Amy Batten, the photographer behind the camera at Amy Batten Photography!

I love to photograph high school seniors and teens who want bold, authentic, and colorful photos. I provide my clients with a fun and relaxed experience that creates those special images that will adorn your walls for years!

In fact, one ecstatic client said, "Anyone can see that Amy's portraits are beautiful, but as a mom I was absolutely in love with the photos because she captured my daughter's genuine smile, not that Instagram selfie-smile, but the smile she has had since she was a baby.  Amy brought out different sides of my daughter's personality, and her portraits really show that she isn't just a pretty girl, but also an interesting girl with many sides to her.  Plus the products that Amy provides to her clients are stunning and top-notch, my daughter will be able to show them to her grand children someday because they are such an incredible quality."


When I am not photographing Seniors, you will find me spending time with my two boys & my farmer husband, online shopping, and barefoot in my yard (keeping it beautiful for my clients).

Book your consult here to learn more about my Senior Sessions!

Amy's photography has been featured in the nationally published Teen Years Magazine.

nationally published senior teen photographer
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